About Jane Parslow, Transition Coach

What is a Transition Coach?

Coaching is a process of learning, improving and making changes. Your coach will not be telling you, teaching you or instructing you. Rather, they will ask questions, make observations and provide objective feedback. Coaching is a conversation during which you uncover your own knowledge and internal resources, increasing your clarity and focus.

You will get clear on your goals, understand your own motivation and develop a plan to suit you.

Your coach will help you keep to your plan and provide check points to measure your progress. They will help you face any obstacles and re-plan if appropriate. And they will celebrate with you all your successes along the way.

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Your coach – Jane Parslow

Jane ParslowI qualified as a coach in 2010. By then I had spent over 30 years training and consulting in the field of Project Management across a wide range of industries and projects. Coaching is a great fit for people who are already used to working with goals, plans and milestone reviews.

In 2016, I had my own MidLife Transition. My father is still going strong in his 90s and I realised that, if the genetics play out, I could have a few decades still ahead of me. And that realisation led me to refocus. I no longer enjoyed spending all that time on planes and in hotels and wanted to do something closer to home – both geographically and in the sense of doing something closer to my heart.

It was time to help people with their personal projects. Coaching is a great fit for that type of project too. Although most people don’t think of their own life changes as projects, I love bringing those techniques to my coaching. I give people some very simple tools which they can continue using even after the coaching ends. As your coach for personal change I make the ideal ‘project supporter’.

I’m a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and am signed up to their Code of Ethics. I am currently working towards their ACC qualification. I’m a Fellow of the RSA and am passionate about the kind of society they are trying to create – including improving the life of people in their ‘third age’ and beyond.

I am an accredited Street Wizard and run Street Wisdom events across west and central London.

Outside coaching I pursue my own goals of staying fit, improving my Spanish and developing my practice of Reiki. I aim to try out new activities whenever I can – from archery to zip-wiring!

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