MidLife Transitions Coaching Services

Which MidLife Transition coaching service is the best for you?

Each MidLife Transition is different, as is each person going through it. You will work with me to develop a plan tailored to you and the changes you want to make.

You will have an initial meeting to discuss what you want to achieve and what might be the best approach for you. That meeting is free and is designed to discover whether coaching will suit you and whether I’m the right coach for you.

How would you like to be coached?

I am very flexible in how I work, and aim to design an approach with you that delivers the change you want.

Coaching can be face to face, at my practice in west London. or somewhere of your choosing. It just needs to be somewhere quiet and confidential. Alternatively, if your location or commitments mean that meeting is difficult, we can work by phone or video call.

Although you can design your own way of working with me, there are some standard approaches that work for most of my clients. that you might want to consider.

“I thought that doing all of this by phone would be hard, but it’s been just as useful as our face-to-face sessions, and much easier to fit in with my work schedule.”
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Are You Coachable? 

  • Are you ready to make a change in your life?
  • Are you prepared to explore your motivations and work on removing your barriers to success?
  • Are you willing to design the approach that will work for you?
  • Are you willing to be challenged and questioned?
  • Are you willing to take actions you commit to and be held accountable?

If you’ve answered yes to the above, then you’re ready for coaching!

A single session

This approach is useful if you have a specific decision to make. It also allows you to experience coaching if you haven’t before and get a taste of what a more intensive package might help you achieve.

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A programme of sessions

A programme is ideal for people who are considering a bigger change. It will give you the time and space to explore different options with support along the way. You will learn some tools and techniques for other changes you face in future.

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If you’d prefer to work in a group – and get even more feedback on your change project – I offer several workshops each year.

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“Through my work with Jane I have learnt some new behaviours and how to integrate them into my daily life. I went to her to find out how to feel more part of a community and I feel like I’ve found a new sense of myself and how I relate.”
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From NS, Administrator