“Jane is an exceptional coach; she is adept in a large variety of techniques and so was able to suggest possible tools and strategies to help me look at my current situation in new ways. By enabling me to try out different strategies in a safe coaching environment she helped me make remarkable progress towards the results I wanted. Jane supported, assisted and encouraged but never led or dictated and it is a mark of her skill as a coach that the whole process seemed effortlessly easy, I felt safe and supported and, most importantly, I am now confidently in control of my situation”.

From CB, retired civil servant:

“In 17 years of attending courses, I’ve never had a trainer as engaging and interesting as Jane!”

“Jane is open and approachable.”

“Jane was an excellent facilitator … with relevant real life examples to aid our understanding.”

From various workshop participants:

“Through my work with Jane I have learnt some new behaviours and how to integrate them into my daily life. I went to her to find out how to feel more part of a community and I feel like I’ve found a new sense of myself and how I relate. Jane heard everything I said, while pushing me gently to hold me to the point and progress towards my goal. Jane’s catalytic conversations have helped me move forward.”

From NS, Administrator

” Jane has seen me through starting my new role and navigating a series of challenges after that. She has played a massive role in helping me develop new possibilities. I now feel able to have difficult conversations and speak up for myself. I have a tookit of techniques I can use for myself in future, especially when analysing problems or thinking about how others might react.

I felt assisted and supported, and can really open up to Jane. Even when things didn’t go to plan, I knew I could take it back to her for a chat and it would all be OK.”

From LE, project manager

“I started coaching with Jane after a shock in my relationship – Jane held a safe and accepting space for me to think through what this meant for me, and to begin to reorient myself and make new decisions about how to move forward. She was kind and also searching in her questions, and I felt challenged to look for my true answers at a deeper level than my conditioned quick responses. “

From JS, coach and yoga teacher