Transition Coaching Programmes

Choose a programme to suit your needs

A programme is made up of multiple sessions (usually six) and is designed to give you time and space to explore different options. You’ll get to try out your new skills and be supported all the way. You will leave with some solutions in place, as well as some tools and techniques to help you in future.

The three Transition Coaching programmes below are based on my experience working with a range of clients – but feel free to contact me to discuss any particular change you want to make.


Programme 1 – A Long Life and a Happy One

This transition coaching programme of six sessions allows you to:

  • Reflect on where you are right now and which areas of your life may need attention
  • Set a clear goal with a step by step plan to achieve it
  • Prioritise your options
  • Get support and feedback while you work towards your goal
  • Reassess progress along the way, and re-plan if required
  • Develop a strategy for achieving your aims after the coaching

This coaching programme is ideal for people who are considering a major change in their life but don’t know where to start. You might just have a feeling that something needs to improve and want to explore that. Or you might have a direction in mind but are feeling ‘stuck’ and finding it hard to take action. Wherever you are and wherever you want to get to, coaching is a great way forward.

Programme 2 – Personal Development

Jane Parslow Midlife Coaching ServicesSometimes making a transition means that we need to develop particular skills. For example, putting a plan into action can depend on developing our abilities to influence others or manage our time more effectively. An example session plan is shown below and this programme can be tailored specifically for anyone who has identified a skill they want to develop. It can also be run for groups who want to work together in a supportive environment to increase their chance of successfully implementing changes.

  • Goal setting – getting beyond SMART
  • Planning
  • Getting support from others
  • Time management and avoiding procrastination
  • Decision-making techniques
  • Putting it into Practice – ensuring new learning becomes a habit

There is also an option to join a closed Facebook group in order to continue your learning through sharing with others, mutual accountability and inspiration from others. 

Programme 3 – The Heart of You

As well as developing particular skills, personal development might need us to work on deeper aspects of our life. Often my clients find themselves considering their legacy, or wondering how to lead a life with purpose.

This deep transition coaching programme will cover any topic you wish to bring, but examples could be:

  • Self-knowledge – exploring who you really are in a changing world
  • Reflective Practice – developing methods of learning from your daily experiences
  • Building diverse networks
  • Flexibility during change – exploring your possible selves
  • Developing rituals to help you move forward
  • Exploring your life purpose and legacy

These sessions allow you to explore your full self, your values and approaches to life, in order to bring about deeper and more lasting change.

Jane has made a considerable difference to my whole life, beginning with my career and my expectations of how that will fit in with the new work / life balance I was looking for. I feel so much more in control of my work, from doing the work I love to having time with my family.

Helen Bantock

Transition Coaching Programmes
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Transition Coaching Programmes
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My 3 Transition Coaching programmes "A Long Life and a Happy One", "Personal Development" &"The Heart of You" give you space to explore different options.